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A side extension had been added to a Victorian terraced house some years before, however the wall between the existing kitchen and the new extension had only partially been removed and the old roof was leaking. The client felt they were not making good use of the available space and wanted to remove the side wall completely, reorganise the kitchen and install sliding doors, opening up the access to the garden. They also wanted to re-furbish their family bathroom.


Our interior designer helped the client to re-organise the space, ensuring that they had sufficient storage space in the kitchen, as well as room for a dining table and a play area for the children in the side extension.

The remainder of the original side wall of the house was removed and a new kitchen installed. The roof was replaced with correct roof tiles, timber rafters and an in-roof designed solar panel system for hot water supply. The family bathroom was re-furbished and given a contemporary feel with stone worktops, pastel tiles and tongue and groove cladding on the walls.


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A large open kitchen and family room with increased access to the garden, helping to bring more living space to the family home. An updated and contemporary bathroom with all modern features and new arrangement of plumbing pipework made it cost effective to install a hot water solar panel system, which can reduce future heating bills by 70%.


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