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Although the concept has been around for decades, the 'Design & Build' project delivery system is a main area of our business. Customers and project owners who wish to commission responsibility for their project should talk to us about our 'Design & Build' programme.


Under this programme, the entire design and construction process, including programme development, budgeting, schematic design, design development, agreed scheduling, construction and all necessary installations will all be delivered by our assigned project manager and skilled workforce.


For faster completion time, better cost control and fewer problems, the 'Construction Management Project Delivery System' is a great solution. The depth of management skill possessed by our staff is perfectly suited to construction management and provides in-depth consultation, recommendations and oversight of the entire construction project.


The assistance delivered by our project manager allows the owner to be informed of the progress of their project, without being burdened by every facet of the construction process. This single source solution works well for clients who do not have the available time for multiple points of contact. We try our very best to take on board any comments and suggestions from our clients. In this way we are able to design a better final solution and realise our clients' expectations.


If you are interested in our 'Design & Build' programme or CMPDS contact us on

01723 353 004

Our in-house staff use technology such as Computer Aided Estimating (CAE) and Computer Aided Drawing (CAD) software to design cost-effective solutions which can then be discussed for client approval and comment.

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